The weekend is for making bread.

A few years ago we were fortunate to have a bakery, St. George’s Organic Bakery, open up across the street from our place. They made muffins, croissants and a few other delicious treats, but their specialty was bread. Good, wholesome, simple bread. Location aside, it was my absolute favourite bread in the city. Full, round boules with a toothy crust and a light and chewy crumb. Yum, yum. It was bread-topia, and I visited frequently.

Then, about two years ago, they closed. I was completely surprised. I had talked with the owners from time to time and they always said they were doing well. They had a good wholesale business going and seemed happy with things. In fact, the “we hearby take all your chattels” letter didn’t appear on the inside of the door until two months after they closed, which would suggest that the rent was paid in full when they left. It remains a mystery and probably always will.

It was then that I said, “Well, darn it! I guess I have to learn to make bread now.” And learn I did.

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A little bit about the author

If what appears here will be profiles of people with whom I share an interest, perhaps I should be begin by outlining some of my interests.

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